Эта раскрепощенная парочка публикует ну уж очень откровенные фото в Instagram…

Художник Митч Гобел и инструктор по йоге Салли Мустанг страстно любят друг друга и не стесняясь делятся своей любовью в инстаграме. Публичная любовь, или любовь на показ, вот как это выглядит.

Митч Гобел и Салли Мустанг…

#CONTENTWARNING Bahramji & Mashti playing from the speakers ? When I walked in. He told me he had a surprise for me. Asked me to sit, and close my eyes. " No looking ok " He tied my hands together behind the chair. Blindfolded me. Unbuttoned my dress. He kissed me. Full of passion. So intense I was floating and suffocating all at once. He stopped. Traced a finger over my lips. Then he was gone. I couldn't see but knew his body was not close anymore.. I waited minutes, maybe longer. My breathing heavy. I'm already wet. Then I felt the tip of something soft down the side of my neck. A feather of some sort… Slowly and gently he trailed the feather from my ear to my toes, not missing an inch of my exposed skin. I flushed. Enjoying every minute. It's in these moments @mitchgobel_resinart is creative. It's the same as when he paints or writes. His whole world stands still. He becomes completely obsessed with the object of play. It's as though I'm his artwork. His eyes glaze over as he looks at me. Love. He is in love with me and I understand it completely. Because I feel the same way. When I look at him, it is as if the whole world is more colourful, brighter, but at the same time everything is still dimmed compared to the light and beauty I see within the man standing in front of me. He is always shining, surrounded by this amazing energy. His soul reflects my soul. We are so ridiculously in love with one another. It is as if we are from the same star ✨ I want to talk to you guys about Love… You know that big heart of ours. Because it is after all our most powerful emotion. When you love something or someone with the fullest of your heart there is actually nothing in this world that will stop you. You know what I'm talking about- if your brother/sister/child/pet was drowning or falling, you would leap and bound, fight for your actual life to save them. This is the pure adrenaline of love. The heart. Now imagine if you could apply this type of instinct to your career, passions, interests, sex life. . It is then when people are unstoppable. The people that love the shit out of life are the ones that change it. Let's Love ?

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Митч – художник.

Салли – смелая изобретательница, а также…

An insight into the post that has recently has been deleted and created quite a stir : The post was an image which showcased a beautiful afternoon. The story is pretty magical actually. I met this man who had a flower farm, my mind went — ding✨ I Came home with bucket loads of flowers. I asked my good friend and make up artist @pheobefever to come over to create something special, and Ming from @thedrifterblog to come capture the moment. Mitch and I cut the stems off all the flowers scattered them around our back yard, and made out while Ming took photos, it was a really creative expression for me. The colours and beauty of the flowers represented our love and afterwards, we wrote together over dinner, remembering an afternoon that was especially raunchy for us. The writing was about a particular summer day when we desperate for each other's bodies. It was consuming and powerful. It was definitely written on a more physical level. Not so much the spiritual or emotional side of sex. Which are of course just as important aspects to our sexual relationships. I guess they are even more intimate and special, so maybe harder to share and describe. @mitchgobel_resinart and I often create and write together, Sex is a huge part of our relationship. We did a journal entry one night after particular steamy afternoon. We read it to each other and got a little excited and inspired by it. Writing our experience down actually opened up communication between us and gave us an insight into how the other half felt during sex. Our sex life has never been better. We decided others might enjoy and be inspired by it. I'm also huge on being honest. This is an honest connection and sensation. I love writing about it. So much that Mitch and I are considering writing a book. We would have a lot more freedom with how we could express ourselves and wouldn't have to leave any bits out ? what are your thoughts on this? Over the next few weeks I'm going to write about sex on an emotional and spiritual level, as well as a physical level. I'm stoked to have your support on this and I hope you enjoy the beautiful moment captured here ??? Lets be open minded ✨

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художница, инструктор йоги, модель, стилист и блоггер.

Пара живет в районе пляжа Байрон-Бей в Австралии.

Более всего их волнуют вопросы экологии.

Они сотрудничают со многими учреждениями по защите дикой природы.

Даже одежда пары экологически чистая.

We were together… I forget the rest @mitchgobel_resinart Dress : @huntandheart

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Цена картин, написанных Митчем, иногда достигает 11 000 долларов.

When he kisses me I'm transported to somewhere exotic. The sound of the jungle fills my ears, a running stream and a warm climate. Fuck I'm sweating already and we haven't even begun. My mouth opens slightly. I take his bottom lip and nibble at it gently. His tongue starts to claim me. Suffocate me in a way that makes my Mind numb. The kisses move to my neck. Then my collar bone. I'm hot. Boiling, I rip my dress off. I can see his eyes take in my body. I know how it looks. I love my body. I can tell his trying hard to not touch- Restraint. " You need me " I whisper " Yes " his mouth takes mine. The kiss is wild. Mitch pulls away. His eyes look into mine. Green tonight. They are forever changing. Blue some mornings. Green in the afternoon.. "Lay down sweetheart" I do what he says, and look back at him. Im trying to play it cool but there is Sex in my eyes. "Don't move, I'm tying you up" He knows me too well. In real life I love to be in control. I hate anyone telling me what to do, so this is a thrill. He starts by tying my hands together behind my back. He hands go through my hair then breath to my ear. Body pressed against me. I can feel how excited he is. "you are so beautiful" he whispers. I turn to kiss him. "No gypsy. Don't move. Don't make one sound. If you do, I will stop" My whole body slackens, my heart rate is faster my body is on fire, but I force myself to slow my breathing down. Don't move sally, Don't move… I can't have him stop. He opens my legs and ties them to the bed. His hands touch the insides of my thighs. Teasing. .. @mitchgobel_resinart confidence in the bedroom and in every aspect of his life is so compelling. Inspiring. Sexy. He has gone through hell and back to discover himself and Be able to express himself confidently. I enjoy him so much. I'm lucky enough that naturally I have always been authentically myself. Comfortable and confident to express myself. Emotionally, physically and spiritually. I don't spend time worrying what others will think of me. I just never have. Like a child. I'm honest. Our love for one another is so intense. I dream of great things together. Two souls become one.

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Недавно Митч даже пожертвовал 25 000$ одной крупной ветклинике в Австралии.

Наиболее важной особенностью пары является то, что они без лишней скромности размещают на своих страничках в Инстаграм и личных блогах посты о своем сексуальном опыте.

Девиз пары «Секс – это искусство».

Пара стала обсуждаемой в интернете после того, как их пост удалили из Инстаграм из-за жалобы одного пользователя на фото, размещенное Салли. Его признали чересчур откровенным.

All she was wearing were black thigh-high stockings and a silk blind-fold, no panties. She was on her knees, hands tied behind her back, legs spread as widely apart as was comfortable for her and bent over our couch… Her world in that moment was the sound of my voice and the feeling of my subtle but very apparent touch. I slowly ran my tongue up from the back of her right knee to the top of her thigh, and a little further, making sure that I let out a steady, heavy, warm breath at the same time. I ended the lick with a soft kiss then planted my lips on what was left of the inside of her left thigh, about as close as I could without kissing her ?. With that kiss, I moved an inch higher and gave another, then another. Without touching her I paused for a moment, so that she could feel me there — my face an inch away from her. She could feel my breath right where she wanted to feel my tongue. I started to breath faster and heavier, as I did I could hear the excitement in her breath. Her body started twitching, she was begging for it, even subtly trying to move her self towards my face, I had her right where I wanted her ? 'Stop!' I told her, and we both froze, I held my breath for a few seconds more then slowly I let out another long, steady breath and as it ran out I guided my tongue onto her. As soon as I connected with her I stopped moving, I could feel her shaking, twitching, but I stayed completely still for a moment then I slowly guided my tongue up through her, so that it was only just touching before I pulled away completely… I want my posts like this one, to inspire you, YES YOU!!! ? to explore your mind sexually and then EMBRACE IT! It doesn't matter how long you've been in a relationship, most people are afraid to fully express themselves sexually. Communication is the key to not only a healthy sex life but your entire life. Our voice is the most powerful tool that we have as humans. Wars could literally be ended through communication. Stop being frustrated by the experiences you haven't had yet, talk to your sexual partner about what you want, also be prepared to hear theirs and be understanding. @sallymustang ??? #wordsendwars

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Салли, в свою очередь, так прокомментировала ситуацию в соцсетях: «Дорогой мир, секс – это не та вещь, которую нужно запрещать или удалять. Напротив, нужно делиться своим сексуальным опытом».

Кроме того, Салли была весьма раздражена тем, что ее пост удалили, ведь, как она утверждает, на подготовку этого снимка была затрачена уйма времени и сил.

Because in the end, nature provides us with everything we need ..

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90% подписчиков на профиль ребят поддержали их.

Остальные 10% считают пару перешедшей рамки приличия.

А вот родители ребят, напротив, на их стороне.

Салли задается таким вопросом: «Если мы спокойно обсуждаем еду или переживаемые нами чувства и то, как они влияют на нашу жизнь, почему мы должны умалчивать важность секса?!»

Courage dear heart.. Weekend Adventures @mitchgobel_resinart

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Митч же говорит о том, что секс в его жизни занимает огромное место и является даже более важным, чем творчества!

Хотим отметить, что в Instagram у Салли сегодня более 171 000 подписчиков.

Home studio time. Touching up an artwork before breakfast ? @mgra_swimwear #ArtistLife @mitchgobel_resinart #beachsoon

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У Митча тоже немало — более 136 000.

Wild crazy something ✨

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Мечта пары заключается в следующем: весь пережитый ими сексуальный опыт они хотят перенести на бумагу и оформить это в виде романа!

Paint breaks. @mitchgobel_resinart

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Мы же, в свою очередь, желаем этой немного сумасшедшей паре…

успехов и…

бесконечного счастья!

Honestly, I think Valentine's Day is a pretty poor excuse to make an effort for your loved one. Caring for, surprising and doing what you can to make sure he or she know how much you appreciate them should be a regular thing. Once you find a real connection with that super special someone, nothing else really matters. Since meeting this little bundle of golden gypsy @sallymustang ☀️ she's been the source of my ambition to create something more than I have. She's literally changed my world — she's changed the way I see it. She's made me appreciate the beauty around me that I never really recognised before. She's motivated me to push myself and I have been. I know how lucky I am, I know how many people are constantly wanting to spend time with her and obviously I know why. When I'm with this gypsy, no matter what — it's all f??king good! and I appreciate it every time I wake up next to her, every time she kisses me, every time she laughs and every time she says something crazy (which is often). Valentine's Day is way overrated… 'Date night' is something the Gypsy and I created to make sure that no matter how much we both have going on with work — we put 100% of that afternoon/ evening towards one another and it's something we do weekly…. We usually spend half the day preparing a feast for us, we have a few drinks, we watch a sunset or appreciate nature in some way and then…. Well you'll be hearing a little more about date night tomorrow ahaha ??? I just love our love @sallymustang the words to describe what you mean to me simply do not exist, I'll forever be speechless ????

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