Этот бодибилдер уже 27 лет принимает стероиды.

Это 45-летний американский бодибилдер Рич Пиана (Rich Piana) и он является обладателем полного комплекта излишеств — начиная от десяти приемов пищи в день и заканчивая совершенно безумным телом.

Это Рич Пиана из Лос-Анджелеса и его девиз: «Любой ценой». И если ваша цель состоит в том, чтобы построить сумасшедше огромное тело, то, конечно, это подразумевает, что вы будете принимать стероиды.

45-летний Пиана (на фото с женой Сарой), вес которого в настоящее время составляет около 140 килограммов, открыто признается в использовании стероидов, начиная с 18-летнего возраста, и даже публикует в интернете графики употребления препаратов.

И хотя Рич предостерегает последователей от использования стероидов, сам он продолжает настаивать, что полностью доволен своим выбором.

New high of 314lbs!! Ok everyone I have to be honest and say I am miserable at this size and definitely not wanting to continue putting size on! I know I have more than proven my point of how easy it really is to be successful in life at whatever you choose if you are willing to do #whateverittakes and work your ass off 24/7 and #nevergiveup my total gain in muscle is 38lbs in 9 weeks and I'm at 9 meals a day and not even at the craziest part of the cycle!! Going up to 12 meals and adding the tren and anadrol in will just be insane!! Looking at this pic it's very clear to me that I have surpassed what I would call an incredibly insane awesome bodybuilding physique! This is just to much!! My head is ready to explode!! Lol! Tell me what you guys think? I will continue the videos and always motivating the fuck out of you guys but might put the brakes on as far as myself getting any Bigger!! Continue doing "Bigger by the Day" program and definitely need those arm feeders to catch them up to my shoulders!! Just not continue packin on the size!! So everybody else keep going and We will be doing a program on getting off and maintaining all that muscle!! So keep Fucking going God Damn it!! #monstersdoexist #biggerbytheday #bigasfuck #killthatshit #nosuchthingasovertraining #loveitkillit #1dayumay #2016bringingbigback #eatbigtogetbig #nopainnogain #welcometomyworld #5percentnutrition #5150 #killit #realfood #fullasfuck #alldayumay #motivation #inspiration #monstermode

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Будучи сыном матери-бодибилдерши, Пиана познакомился с миром вейтлифтинга в возрасте всего 11 лет, после того, как начал ходить в спортзал, чтобы посмотреть её подготовку к соревнованиям.

Он начал принимать стероиды в возрасте 18 лет, после неудач в конкурсах бодибилдеров, и с тех пор начал успешно выступать в чемпионатах и даже стал обладателем титула «Мистер Калифорния».

No "Bigger by the Day" video today just Killin calves actually destroying calves!! Calves used to be my best body part back in the day!! I use to be that guy that everyone asked what do you do for your calves and I would say "I don't even train them"! Well that Shit doesn't last forever it caught up with me and now calves are a weak point!! So I really need to blast the Shit out of them 2-3 days a week!! Nothing worse than skinny ass calves or skinny ass forearms!! I have to say that calves are one of my favorite body parts visually and genetics plays a huge role in developing incredible calves. Tomorrows "Bigger by the Day" workout we are going to hit Tri's and totally destroy them then on Tues we will Kill Bi's!! Get those arms ready for our feeder workouts we will be doing every night before we hit the hay!! I can't even begin to explain how incredible these feeder workouts are!! If arms are a weak point or you just want to gain an inch or so of pure muscle then feeder workouts can make that shit happen!! So the official day when we start the feeder workouts for arms will be Thurs March 3rd! So tomorrow we will Kill Tri's and Tues we will Kill Bi's and then let upper body rest on wed but we will destroy legs and then the fun begins on Thurs March 3rd! We will do the feeder arm workouts every night before bed!! The results you will get from adding these into your program are seriously unbelievable!! For more info on Feeder workouts go to my channel and watch the videos I have posted on Feeder workouts. This info and these workouts are honestly the best info ever!! The results are amazing and if I could go back in time and start my bodybuilding career all over again I could honestly of done some serious damage!! God Damn it!! Lol! I will post a pic from the Tri workout today!! #killinthatshit #1dayumay #loveitkillit #livinthedream #richpiana #5percentnutrition #killit #realfood #5150 #biggerbytheday #bigasfuck #2016bringingbigback #ghettogolds #eatbigtogetbig #realfood #motivation #monstersdoexist #backintheday #nopainnogain #nofucksgiven #fuckajob

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Несмотря на то, что Рич больше не участвует в соревнованиях, он по-прежнему доводит свое тело до крайности, разделяя свой образ жизни с легионами последователей с помощью социальных медиа.

Another pic taken after the incident- A order 66 is when @lordvader25 orders all of his followers to attack your social media. 100's of people leave fucked up comments on all of your social media with intent to destroy it! The comments are "we are going to cut your head off and piss down your throat" we will put a end to you" they also attacked @sara.piana social media and threatened her and her life! He has done this to numerous people that are all more popular than him. @sara.piana was going to take down her IG account cause she could not deal with the 100's of negative comments that would take 3-4 hours to delete and block. Then what I figured out is these 100's of people that will attack others for no reason on social media don't really exist!! @lordvader25 makes up 100's of fake accounts and then orders these people "the fake accounts to attack us! He literally is doing all this on his own he does not have 100's of people that will do whatever he wishes for!! Lol! Think about it? I have 780,000 followers over 160 athletes and I don't have 100's of people that will attack others on my command. He has caused so much damage and fucked with so many people for NO reason!! His reasoning for attacking me was I never invited him to be an athlete on my 5% team? Well I didn't even know who he was or never even seen a pic of him then 100's of threatening comments just started appearing on all my social media. I started deleting and blocking one after the other for hours and they just kept coming but eventually they stopped. Then the next day it started all over again but not nearly as many. Then I realized it was him because he could not make new profiles fast enough and then I started looking at the profiles and they had no followers it was clear they were all fake accounts. So @lordvader25 makes 100's of fake accounts and then chooses someone popular on social media and then orders a 66 on his IG and then with all these fake profiles he starts writing a bunch of awful fucked up comments against that person. He spends hours and hours attacking and threatening these people for no reason and demands them to apologize to him and most do out of fear!!

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Сейчас он зарабатывает деньги с помощью канала в YouTube, участвуя в различных мероприятиях и продавая пищевые добавки собственной линии питания.

А в годы участия в соревнованиях Рич тратил на гормон роста до 2500 долларов в месяц, не учитывая стероиды.


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