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Showing off my drone flying skills 😉 Ok to repost with credit @karenxcheng 🔁 So I have been obsessed with getting a good fake drone shot, and I’ve been trying to get this shot for months actually. I’ve tried it at so many different locations that just weren’t quite right, until I found this location that worked for this idea. To help sell that it’s a drone shot, I’m pretending to hold a drone controller, which is actually just my phone. Then it was many attempts of trying to walk and move as steady as possible. I’m using a 360 camera (the @insta360 one x) so I can choose afterward in the edit which direction I want the camera to point. That means while shooting, I don’t need to worry about what direction the camera is pointing, I just focus on moving it forward as smoothly as possible. The slight rotations, tilts and pans of the camera are all done in After Effects with the GoPro VR Reframe plugin, to make it feel like more of a flying shot and less of a walking shot. directed & edited @karenxcheng “drone” operators @theryanmcdowell and @karenxcheng (actually it’s a @insta360 one X camera on a 10ft stick) The 10 ft stick folds up and fits in my backpack too! Thanks @dogoodjonathan @_theboon_ for helping me test earlier versions of this shot Shoutout to @shanilkawol for the YouTube tutorial on how to use the GoPro VR Reframe plugin, and @jonsimo for getting me to make the leap to After Effects. Check out their pages, their 360 content is 💯 #insta360 #insta360onex #ownthemoment #drone #fpv #dji #droneoftheday #hypersmooth #gopro #gopromax #sutrobaths #landsend #filmmaking #behindthescenes #travelphotography #sanfrancisco

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