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Thirsty🥛 Ok to repost with credit: @karenxcheng 🔁 I’ve been wanting to do a “threading” video, where I thread the camera through small openings. The camera I’m using is tiny, about the size of my thumb, and has built in stabilization (@insta360 Go camera). Attach it to the end of a selfie stick, then walk backwards. The first version of this idea was just me holding up my hands and threading the camera through, but the shot was missing something. It needed something more. So then we added more people to the shot. At first I just had people holding up their hands into tiny shapes like I was doing, but it looked awkward. We needed to give them something to do, some sort of action to make it feel more natural. Enter the water bottles (which… uh, if you’re a beverage company reading this, hit me up if you want a video like this 🙋🏻‍♀️) Then as I was editing this, I wondered… hmm would a dolly zoom work for this shot? That’s the effect you see where it looks like the background is warping behind each person. It’s achieved by moving your camera back at the same time as zooming in. There’s all sorts of tutorials for this if you google "dolly zoom” if you’re interested. After a bunch of tweaking with the dolly zoom and timing of the video, this was the end result! Director & Editor: @karenxcheng Featuring: @katmeowz @fannnqie @_theboon_ Gear: @insta360 go camera with their selfie stick accessory Music: Fame Inc by Savvier Thanks @vonwong for helping me test out an early version of this idea #insta360 #insta360go #filmmaking #dollyzoom #zolly #hyperlapse #hypersmooth #gopro #filmmaking #behindthescenes #losangeles

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