Новые остроумные дополнения из бумаги к известным достопримечательностям со всего мира от Рича Мккора.

Рич Мккор (Rich McCor) продолжает радовать не только своих подписчиков, которых в инстаграме у него уже насобиралось больше 174 тысяч, но и случайных людей своими остроумными бумажными силуэтами, которые он добавляет разного рода постройкам и достопримечательностям, путешествуя по миру.

Рич рассказывает, что его популярность стремительно растет и его очень часто приглашают посетить разнообразные города, за последние шесть месяцев он уже смог побывать в Сингапуре, Нанкине, Гонконге, Валь-д’Изере, Нью-Йорке и Лас-Вегасе.

«Чтобы пребывать в отличном расположении духа, я путешествую и делаю то, что люблю, мне нравиться доставлять людям радость, я с нетерпением жду дальнейших путешествий, чтобы создавать свои работы и делиться ими», — поведал Рич.

When Denos Vourderis proposed to his girlfriend in front of the Wonder Wheel, he promised her that if she said yes; he would buy her the Wheel. She said yes (why wouldn’t she? He was basically offering her the world’s largest wedding ring)! That was in 1948 and over the decades Vourderis worked on keeping that promise. He ran bars, hot dog stands and children’s rides, working tirelessly to save enough cash. Then one day in 1983, the Wheel’s owner decided to retire and offered the wheel to Vourderis. He immediately bought it. But the ride didn’t come with any sort of instruction manual- all that was passed on was a piece of paper, torn from a cigarette packet, with a few scribbled notes including the words “good luck”. Having spent years in awe of the wheel and its mechanics, Denos quickly sussed out how to operate it and looked after the Wheel right up until he passed in 1994. The moral of the story is don’t be crazy and offer your girlfriend a great big wheel- you’ll spend your life regretting making such a ridiculous promise. Nah, I’m joking; this may be one of my favourite stories I’ve come across in NYC and what’s even sweeter is that Vourderis’ two sons have continued to look after this landmark since their father’s death #ConeyIsland #Brooklyn #Coney #WonderWheel #Themepark #NewYork #NYC #Skyline #SeeYourCity #NYCGo @NYCGo @NYC #InstagramNYC @NewYorkCity #NYCInstantly #nycphotographer #nycblogger #Paper #Paperart #Silhouette @newyork_instagram @newyork #thecreatorsclass #illgrammers #createcommune #artofvisuals #visualsoflife #architectureporn #newyorker #USA #ArchitectureLovers #PaperArt #Bike #Motorbike

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Let me take you back to a December night in 1989. It’s late, Wall Street is empty except for a lonely night watchman. He is about to complete his rounds outside the Stock Exchange. In eight minutes he’ll be back. A man named Arturo Di Modica knows this because he’s been casing the area every night for the last week. When the watchman is out of sight, Di Modica steers a truck down the street and pulls up in front of the large Christmas tree on Wall Street. He and a group of friends jump out. In under five minutes they manage to lower a 3,200 kg bronze sculpture from the back of the truck to under the tree. When it’s done, the men take off in the truck but Di Modica stays behind. He wants to see the watchman's reaction. In fact, until noon the next day he stays hidden around a corner watching New Yorkers fall in love with his Christmas gift to the city. The Charging Bull has now moved here to Bowling Green, but if you ever visit the statue you'll see the same thing Di Modica saw that morning- people falling in love with this fierce, bold, beautiful sculpture #ChargingBull #WallStreet #NYSE #NewYorkStockExchange #BowlingGreen #Bull #Sculpture #NewYork #NYC #SeeYourCity #NYCGo @NYCGo @NYC #InstagramNYC @NewYorkCity #NYCInstantly #nycnightlife #nycphotographer #blogger #Paper #Paperart #Cityscape #Silhouette @newyork_instagram @newyork #thecreatorsclass #illgrammers #photography #doyoutravel #artofvisuals #visualsoflife #newyorker #USA #Cowboy #Lasso

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